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About Nyota, the first platform that brings together Africa and talents of all backgrounds

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Who are we ?

The first CV library for Africa

Imagine a library where all the books have been carefully selected to bring together the best works to offer them to the best readers. As you can see, at Nyota, we are fond of analogies, but not only. Like the inveterate librarian in our little story, what interests us above all is to bring together the most promising talents, whatever their field of expertise, their years of experience and their current address. One criterion: having an interest in Africa and wanting to contribute to its development. 

For an extended period now, we have been gathering the best profiles, whether they are senior executives or fresh out of grad school, to propose them to companies with whom they share the same vision. With more than 7500 CVs in our database, we are the first CV library designed exclusively to meet the specificities of the African market.

The future of Africa is you!

At Nyota, it all started with many questions and only one certainty: the future of the continent is you! Companies are recruiting, and opportunities are multiplying. However, most of us, whether we are already on the mainland or still abroad, have yet to learn how to access this new field of possibilities. 

With this in mind, the idea of Nyota was born: to highlight the profiles of talents from all over the world to the best companies that work in connection with the continent, whether they are based in Africa or elsewhere. Our ambition is to compose a directory of qualified and motivated profiles to present them to recruiters with whom they share common values. 

Each recruit who joins our network is for us a "nyota", which means star in Swahili, and our mission is to contribute to making it shine with the right people. So whether it's a start-up, an NGO, or a more well-known group, our teams take it to heart to study your profile, discuss with you and understand your ambitions and aspirations to make the perfect match with the company of your dreams. 

Goodbye to CVs sent without a response, the search's uncertainty and the job market's disillusionment. With Nyota, submit your resume, and we'll take care of everything!

Our goals

Facilitate recruitment in Africa

Looking for a job on the African continent can be laborious. However, at Nyota, we centralize the process since all you have to do is submit your CV, and we'll take care of the rest!

Highlighting the talents of tomorrow

By gathering talents interested in the African continent, our ecosystem enables us to provide candidates with offers adapted to their ambitions and supply companies with candidates that correspond to their needs. It's simple, it's effective, and everyone wins!

Contribute to the continent's development

Talking about the world of employment in Africa and facilitating job searches is a way for us to contribute to our wonderful continent's economic and cultural development!

What about our articles, events and interviews?

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It's no secret that at Nyota, we want you to get to know the continent and its marvellous opportunities. To do this, our team of writers, podcasters and marauders travels around Africa to share the latest news with you. 

So for the lucky ones who are already working there and those who are on the lookout for opportunities, for the ambitious ones who are interested and hope to go there one day, and those who are comfortable in their positions, for the connoisseurs who have strong ties to the continent and those who have never been there, and for the knowledgeable curious and the soon-to-be curious, our content is for you!

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