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Our mission? To help you achieve yours!

By enabling you to recruit the right talent for your business, we help you grow your business

At Nyota, we know how necessary human capital is to a company's success. To help you recruit motivated candidates that match your needs, we have compiled thousands of talented profiles interested in joining a position related to the African continent.

The process is simple: create an account and select the subscription package that best suits your needs. Once this step is complete, you can search our database. You can enter different information to refine your search: education, years of experience, preferred region, salary expectations, etc.

Once you have validated your criteria, a list of candidates will come up, and you will only have to download their profiles to contact them!

Although our solution is entirely digitalized to save you as much time as possible, we know how important it is to preserve the relationship of trust that brings us together. Therefore, we remain perfectly contactable for any possible request and take the time to study each situation on a case-by-case basis when necessary.

Finally, we also offer a customized headhunting service led by a team of experienced and talented recruiters. To learn more, specify when you register or contact us at contact@nyota.co!

Benefit from the best talent with Nyota

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Profiles of excellence

For some time now, we have been compiling the best profiles to put them in contact with you. You will find the candidate of your dreams in just a few clicks!

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Talents from all horizons

Our talent community attracts candidates with diverse backgrounds worldwide, from financiers to marketers to lawyers.

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A dual approach

At Nyota, we value our relationship with our clients and partners and the talents who place their trust in us. Our goal? That everyone will find satisfaction!

A tailored offer for every need

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Limited access to a large database of qualified candidates. With advanced search and filtering options, find the right candidates quickly and easily. Our services are tailored to your needs.

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Large companies

Access an extensive database of qualified candidates and advanced search and filtering options. Our services are scalable to meet your important needs. Our team of experts is available to help you create customized recruitment strategies. Find the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

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With access to an extensive database of qualified candidates and advanced search and filtering options, our platform makes it easy to identify the best candidates for your clients' needs. In addition, our services are scalable and can meet the requirements of the busiest recruitment agencies. We can work with you to create customized recruiting strategies that meet your specific needs, enabling you to provide your clients with top talent.

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Easily recruit new talent

Nyota simplifies recruitment, making it easy for companies to find and recruit the best talent through our CVLibrary.

Benefit from adapted support

Nyota's recruitment solutions enable clients of all sizes to find the perfect candidates for their professional needs through personalized support and expert advice.

Find the right fit

Nyota's advanced technology efficiently identifies the best talent in its vast database.

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