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published 21.05.2023

Digital Careers: Five Positions Companies Are Clamoring For

UX Designer

With the mission of optimizing the user experience, UX designers (User Experience) first imagine a user profile. Once this initial step is completed, they work on creating a coherent and compelling storytelling that reflects the brand image they want to convey. They then develop a number of prototypes to test the product with users who match the intended target audience. This crucial step allows them to improve their prototype by collaborating with graphic designers, developers, and product managers. Blending computer science and architecture, they are true artists of the modern age.

Product Manager

Product managers, also known as "product managers" in the British version, serve as the control tower. Their mission? Bringing all team members together to ensure they understand the product, the brand's essence, development ambitions, and the company's strategy. This close collaboration with the rest of the team makes them seasoned consultants who apply their creativity and organizational skills to the overall product development strategy

Community Manager

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—social media platforms hold no secrets for these digital communication professionals. Their role? They play a significant part in shaping the brand's image and ensure its presence across different channels by creating suitable content and interacting with subscribers. Responsible for promoting the product on social media and building a quality e-reputation, their task is no small feat.

Growth Hackers

As the name suggests, growth hackers are responsible for driving growth within a startup. They delve into various aspects of the company, including traffic analysis, SEO, web development, and marketing. Their focus is on every facet of the business with a single goal: to make it grow and mature.

Data Scientists

Passionate about numbers and statistics, data scientists are data wizards who transform big data into smart data that can be analyzed and processed in real-time. Leveraging their expertise in managing user data, they are invaluable assets for making strategic decisions within the company.

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